I have a Model 3 LR that Kelly Blue Book and other similar sites say has a trade in value of $k. Tesla offered $30k. Trading in is for convenience, not value. If you want full market value you have to sell privately. Yup. I just thought I'd check the trade in value for my '23 MYLR I got this past December with miles done so far. Tesla said. Mine went down $ one month and then up $ the next. If you are looking to maximize value go with someone else. If you are looking to. k miles? It should be worth close to nothing. Almost no car has value with k miles.

It's done after you place your order and ask later if you want to trade in. Then they asked for photos and information for the vehicle, and they. You are buying a $55, Tesla, trading in a car Tesla will pay you $35, for. The difference is $20, x = $21, total out of pocket. Recently went through a trade (of s non-tesla) while buying my Tesla and it's pretty accurate. The initial estimate gave me a range of $ I fumed for a bit and then decided this must be a Carmax problem and requested trade in quotes from multiple sources, including Tesla themselves. From my experience, Tesla has contracts to have a third party vendor buy/pickup every non-Tesla trade-in as soon as they can. Tesla doesn't make. Tesla Model 3 trade in value So sell it private party. Trade-ins are always bad, regardless of the brand. Similar story they gave me k. I'm in a state where trade-in value doesn't get taxed. That's how Tesla's offer became competitive with another offer. I just got a quote for $23k-$25k for a Model 3 performance with FSD. I was really hoping for a hassle free upgrade and a new Tesla but. FSD is probably not going to get you any increased value with anyone but a private party sale as there are some accounts of Tesla removing. Last year I traded my ATS4 to Tesla, they offered $13k, Carmax was $k but due to the trade in tax benefit was better to go with Tesla. For example if your state's car sales tax is %, that means that if your trade in is worth $8,, then your sales tax savings on your new.

Tesla doesn't value FSD at all for a trade in. Its a software switch they can pull for free on any car. It costs them nothing. Reply reply. Tesla offered 28 for my trade in. CarMax gave me Do an estimate with carvana and CarMax. It's online quick and free. Tesla's initial trade-in for my Civic was $12, to $13, (I was very surprised given that it had 2 accidents on it). After a few days they. I'll be trading in my ID4 and am curious how the Tesla trade in prices have been. I've gotten a few preliminary quotes from the standard places. Does anyone have any experience with how the trade in program works? I did a preliminary trade in quote and received a range of $29k - $31k. Tesla trade in value for M3P is a joke Sheesh I was offered 23k for my 19AWD with k miles. The long range RWD is under appreciated. Just got a trade in offer from Tesla. Was expecting it to be terrible but it's actually in line with the other places (CarMax, Carvana. Tesla giving me an insane trade in value I am looking at model 3 before the $ is gone and my car is driving but transmission is having. If all the offers were the same $30K for the trade in - you would save $1, by trading into Tesla. In this example some one would have to.

I got just under $20k for trade-in from Tesla. I had 44k miles on the M3. It's been great so far. Never drove a larger car so sitting higher is. Go to autotrader or something that will give you an approximate value based on your VIN. Their order deposit is non-refundable. It's the only. Tesla gave me more than car max and carvana last month. I sent in some pictures to Tesla, my car's scratches and value went down $ for the. Traded in a Honda CRV to Tesla last August for my M3 - it was straightforward, seamless and the value they offered is the value they gave. In March Tesla offered me $44, for my Model 3 when I was going to trade it in for a Model S. At the same time an Audi dealer offered me.

Price cut was a massive hit to teslas existing customer base, especially in the used market. I paid 55k for mine model 3 and put enough down to. I am trading in MYLR 28, miles. Tesla offering 64, I am getting a new MYP w/fsd. By trading the old car into Tesla I am saving about. Just got my trade-in offer today (I had call Tesla to have them expedite it) and was 1,$ bellow what Carmax had offered me. So going with. They determined value online. Before I got a VIN they asked me to take pictures of the car and odometer and send it to them and they would give. If it's a 6 seater, low miles, and has FSD, I'd expect minimum 60k, maybe mid 60's. We are talking private sale. Tesla would probably offer low.

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